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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

MTAB Aristo Robot

This MTAB Aristo robot is the first robot that i have been operated during my calss session. From the robot operation that I obtain, I have finished the tasks and able to program the Aristo 6-axes robot according to their required tasks or problem. From the task I must select the low speed of the robot arm because of the high speed will cause a momentum to the robot arm that makes the arm cannot go to the point or position exactly like what we have been write in the program. The high speed also dangerous for the robot because if the robot arm is hit object or human with high speed it will cause severe damage.

In every program, I have put the command HOME ALL and the end of the program is to make sure that the robot is already home the initial position and this will make easy to the robot in making the next movement or execute the other programs. HOME ALL command is use to make the robot arm to come back to the initial position and reset the position of origin in every joint.

The program of the robot is like as C or C++ program that include the command of looping process by using conditional commands like IF, JUMP and LABEL. This all commands is use to loop or repeat the program again. If 'S' is equal to "zero" the program is execute once than the command ADD S = S + 1 is to add the S = "zero" with one and overwrite the answer in 'S' so that for the conditional command IF, when the answer of 'S' is lower that the value of the conditional set the program is execute again and jump to the LABEL declared. While the S will add again and when the conditional command is not fulfill, so that the program will pass the conditional command and execute the next command.

Below is the procedure or safety guide to be taken during operate a robot:

a) All connections to PC, power control unit and robot is in place.
b) The power and air pressure is on.
c) Safety:
i. Be careful not to collide or being touched by the robot to avoid injury
ii. Be aware of robot movement, close monitoring is given to the robot when it makes a move to prevent
from damaging the structure of the robot.
d) Caution:
i. All programs is test at low speed.
ii. Emergency press of is pressed when necessary.
iii. All axes are homed (HOME ALL) every time before running in the new programs.
iv. The robot is don’t to be touched during their operation or movement.

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