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Sunday, June 24, 2007

CIM Robot Video 2

The system of the bearing supply module is using the Omron PLC control features model CPM2C-S110C-DRT with 15 inputs and 13 outputs. The function of the control features makes the actuator works, by referring to the sensing input. The PLC also make the system is run in sequence for the bearing supply processes.

The other control features that control the system in sequential process is microcontroller.
The inputs that have been used in this system are:
• Reed type magnetic detector (D-C73L)
• Proximity detector micro switch (Omron V-166-1C5)
• Reed type magnetic detector (D-A93L)
• Linear potentiometer (NOVOTECHNIK TR25)

The function of the sensor is to detect the input in which the sensing input then is transferred to the PLC. The reed type magnetic detector is use to check the extension and retraction of the pneumatic actuator and the Proximity detector micro switch is used to detect the appearance of the bearing. While the linear potentiometer is used to check the bearing thickness.

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