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Monday, June 25, 2007

PLC Animation Studio 1

This post will show the simulation of the PLC system and learn the PLC simulation using Animation Studio software. All of the grafic are developed by myself during my PLC lab session using this Animation Studio software. Animation Studio is a software that use to implement the PLC operation through the system (pneumatic, electrical) in which the animation studio give an opportunity to the student to look the PLC system and study it in simulation.

Figure 1

Figure 1 show the ladder diagram and the PLC connection as reprehensive by the pneumatic system. Which is the input is at IN0, IN1, and IN2 (push button) and the output is at OUT1 (solenoid) the ladder diagram use the countdown delay counter in which the countdown delay counter will count down in ten times before the current can be go through the system. The Countdown delay have 3 input which IN0 (Countdown), IN1 (Reset), and IN2 (Set).

Figure 2

In which the Figure 2 show the system is set when the IN2 push button is pushed. It gives the solenoid on and activates the 3/2 way DCV valve in which allow the suction cup to suck up (vacuum on).

Figure 3

In which the Figure 3 show the system is reset when the IN1 push button is pushed. It stops the solenoid and deactivates the 3/2 way DCV valve in which the valve will go to its initial position and makes the pneumatic system off.

Figure 4

Figure 4 show the delay counter will count down in ten times before the system will off rather than reset it.

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