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Saturday, June 23, 2007

CIM Robot Video 1

As stated before here are the video containing the operation in CIM system. This video i'd recorded during my lab session. the robot will transfer the part to the conveyor after chechking procedure. just take a look...

The function of this station (Body Supply Module) is to supply the correct part of body (position and orientation) to the pallet on the conveyor or transfer system.
Below is the flowchart of handling process of the body supply module station:

1. The pallet is brought to sensor (limit switch) through the conveyor. The sensor will detect the existence of the pallet. Next the machine is run after the PLC is receiving the input that there have a pallet on the conveyor in limit switch.

2. The cylinder will extend and retract to push the body to the position verification part(First cylinder moved)

3. Cylinder (which is located above the position verification part) will extend to check whether the body is in the correct orientation or not, by fitting the end of the extended cylinder into housing of the body.

4. If the body is not in the correct orientation, the sensor on the cylinder will not blinking (red) and send an input to PLC. The cylinder will retract. Then, the body will be extended and guide the the rejection of incorrect body (transfer point) part. The body will be push down the ramp and throwned out from the operating system (reject).

5. Next, the process is started again (the process is repeated by using a new body from the 2nd step).

6. If the body is in the correct orientation, the sensor will blinking (red) and send an input to PLC.

7. Cylinder (Robot end effector) which has 4 suction cups (terminal element), is then being extended on to the body. The vacuum will sucked the body up. The cylinder will retract and bring up the body.

8. Finally the robot arm will extend to transfer the body to the pallet

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