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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

PLC Animation Studio 2

As stated before, the Animation Studio is software that uses to implement the PLC operation through the system (pneumatic, electrical). This post showed another program of PLC using ladder diagram in the Animation Studio. The application of this operation is use for delay counter operation. During my session lab for this experiment, the Animation Studio Software is using library button which the symbol with their tags are given. it easy to use and understand as long as we know the usage of the symbol through the system that we must use. the other thing is, the connection between the rung and the PLC modules in this software must be right in order to avoid any failure.

Figure 1

Figure 1 show the ladder diagram and the PLC connection. Which is the input is at IN0 (push button) and the output is at OUT0 (light) the ladder diagram use the delay counter in which the delay counter will count down in ten times before the current can be go through the system.

Figure 2

In which the Figure 2 show the current cannot go through the delay counter since it have the 9 more times to activate.

Figure 3

The Figure 3 shows that the light is on (yellow color when the delay counter is reach the zero (0) value. Which mean, after the switch in IN0 is switch 9 times, the light will turn ON.

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